This week I was trying to make a more professional video about naminukas. Here is a result:

This is my first video ever with a soundtrack instead of "natural" noise generated by a vacuum pump. For the introduction I wanted to make a cool effect of camera rotating around robot. For that I made a super simple turntable from various scrap parts. Here is my video setup:

Video setup

It is probably the lowest tech contraption I ever made:

Turntable from scrap

At the bottom there is a leg from old shower tray screwed to the wooden plank. At the top I was lucky enough to find a nut with attached big washer which can spin freely. I believe it came from big old speaker. Since washer is still too small to reliably hold heavy object I clamped it with old 3D printed parts from naminukas. Table top is just part of ceramic tile left over from last renovation project with a surface nice enough to appear in the video.

Hanging from the ceiling
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