New software


I have decided to re-write naminukas software from scratch. Software comes in two parts: "brain" running on the robot and user interface for controlling robot remotely. Software is released under open source licence. There is not much to see yet but I expect to develop it actively over the next few months.

Original user interface was written in GTK with the hope to run it as a native application on Librem 5 mobile phone. Unfortunately phone release is still months away and could be delayed as it was delayed many times in the past. New user interface will be browser based so any smartphone could be used as a robot remote control device. Given migration to the browser I have to replace UDP protocol with WebSockets. Additionally I want to make the "brain" application more multithreaded to take advantage of a more powerful single board computer which will eventually succeed currently used BeagleBone Blue. Given a lot of significant changes re-writing from scratch seems to be easier than updating existing software. I am still maintaining the old version and use it for ongoing hardware experiments.

Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge 2020
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