I want to make this project open source but because of expensive parts and a lot of invested time I plan to do it gradually when/if there are enough people interested in this project. Therefore I have set the following milestones:

  • When donations will reach £1, I will release list of parts used to build this robot.
  • When donations will reach £10, I will release scad files for all 3D printed parts.
  • When donations will reach £100, I will release remote control software for the robot.
  • When donations will reach £1000, I will release software used by the robot itself.
  • When donations will reach £10000, I will create detailed instructions how to build and operate the robot.
Donations can be send via:
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When Who What GBP*
2020-05-01 Cameron Eddy £10.00 10.00
2020-06-15 Shehab Attia $20.00 15.41
2020-06-16 Nathan Andrew Fain £40.00 40.00
Anonymous 37.74
2020-09-24 Christopher Allum £15.00 15.00
2020-10-01 @tlack £30.00 33.93
Anonymous £7.50
Christopher Allum £3.00
2020-11-01 @tlack £30.00 28.69
Christopher Allum £3.00
2020-12-01 @tlack £30.00 28.69
Christopher Allum £3.00
2021-01-01 @tlack £30.00 28.69
Christopher Allum £3.00
2021-02-01 @tlack £30.00 28.69
Christopher Allum £3.00
2021-03-01 @tlack £30.00 28.69
Christopher Allum £3.00
2021-04-01 @tlack £30.00 28.98
Christopher Allum $5.00
Total 324.51
* this is how much I receive after all currency conversions and fees.

Wish list

These are parts which I would like to try but don't have them yet. If you have one but don't need it please consider donating. You will be permanently added to Contributors list with optional link to your website. Companies are welcome to contribute too. Email info @ kikaitachi . com for address details.