Ski driving stunt


Skiing is an automotive driving stunt where the car is driven while balanced only on two wheels, either the pair on the driver side or on the passenger side. Since only 2 wheels are used to perform this stunt, I decided to try it on naminukas robot. Opposite to the car, this robot's center of gravity is quite high, therefore robot tilts only a little bit. The robot uses an onboard accelerometer and gyroscope to determine to which side it is falling, and tilts wheels accordingly to maintain the balance. Oscillations could probably be minimised by better PID tuning. Currently, only proportional and derivative parts are being used.Steering is implemented by turning wheels at different speeds.

Unfortunately, while filming this video, I accidentally plugged my laptop charger to the robot's BeagleBone Blue charging port, which fried the charging circuit. Surprisingly, it seems that nothing else was fried, but I can't charge my robot any more :( Here is the damage:

fried charging circuit
Finally got stereo camera working
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