The first donation


Last week I have received the first ever donation to naminukas project. I have been running a mini self hosted kickstarter like campaign and the first donation allowed to reach 2 funding milestones: £1 and £10. While these milestones might seem ridiculously small, reaching them provided a big motivation boost for me. Thank you my first contributor Cameron Eddy!

I have created a new build page listing buyable parts and having a link to models of 3D printable parts. For a part list I tried to use not pretty pictures but dimensional drawings if I could find them as they save a lot of measuring time when trying to design 3D printed parts to connect them. I didn't provide list of screws and wires used as most of them were not purchased for this project but salvaged from old toys and devices. Also some small bits like these yellow spacers

Yellow spacers

are of completely unknown origin, most likely from Meccano or similar construction set. If I will reach the last funding milestone I will replace all such parts with either something buyable or 3D printable.

Technology readiness level 3
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